FSL Level 2 - Start

>> Monday, February 1, 2010

Of course we were giddy with excitement to be in a Filipino Sign Language Level 2 class! And Sir Rey was just lovely, eventhough we also missed Ms. Pam. And, it will take getting used to, Sir Rey's hand movements. You know how our voices and manner of speaking differ from one another? So does the way a hand moves! And for a hearing person, it really isn't easy adjusting to the nuances of hand movements.

For what it's worth, I was mildly impressive being able to sign the alphabet using both hands, haha. I mean, at least, all my attempts to teach my son the signed alphabet paid off. I didn't once buckle!

But sign language is really something you have to practice. A LOT. Although recall was fast, which prompted Sir Rey to tell us we're smart, there were just many signs we've also forgotten. And since this is Level 2, I didn't even have time to jot down ANY notes at all. So all the new words Sir Rey taught us, I have no way of recalling how to sign. Bleh.

I'm thinking of using a camcorder on him but our classes are around three hours each Saturday, I can't be recording everything, uploading them and watching them again. There just has to be a more efficient way to remember all the new words and really build on my signing vocabulary!!!


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