FSL 2 Finals

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

We had our finals earlier today. Drat it, I never really learned what USB stands for, haha. And don't ask how it became part of the finals.

Anyway, a little sadness.

I am missing graduation on the 24th because I am attending a storytelling workshop. I couldn't put off the workshop anymore because I am already reading to my child.

And then I got pregnant. So I am really not going to be enrolling in the coming sems... it may be at least two years before I become an FSL student again. I am really sad about that. But our batch will really benefit more if we skip a sem so we'd have new and more classmates by the next sem (Sept-Dec) plus that's when the Deaf Festival and Christmas Party are.


I'm just really hoping the Deaf Mom I met will be cool with playdates between her son and mine so i'd still get to practice signing.

Where oh where can I go and meet Deaf friends? hahaha.


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