22nd World Federation of the Deaf

>> Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just send email to philfedeaf@yahoo.com or joe4_wonders@yahoo. com for registration details and payment about WFD-RSAP Conference in Tagaytay City on Nov. 25-28, 2010


FSL 2 Finals

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

We had our finals earlier today. Drat it, I never really learned what USB stands for, haha. And don't ask how it became part of the finals.

Anyway, a little sadness.

I am missing graduation on the 24th because I am attending a storytelling workshop. I couldn't put off the workshop anymore because I am already reading to my child.

And then I got pregnant. So I am really not going to be enrolling in the coming sems... it may be at least two years before I become an FSL student again. I am really sad about that. But our batch will really benefit more if we skip a sem so we'd have new and more classmates by the next sem (Sept-Dec) plus that's when the Deaf Festival and Christmas Party are.


I'm just really hoping the Deaf Mom I met will be cool with playdates between her son and mine so i'd still get to practice signing.

Where oh where can I go and meet Deaf friends? hahaha.


Last Class This Weekend

>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're down to our last session this coming Saturday and I still feel totally unimproved. It was funny though because Sir Rey was painstakingly creating these scenarios for us to guess which animal he was referring to, and I generally got all the animals and the signs right. He commented that I am guessing fast and I explained that I already knew because I taught my son sign language.


May I pass the tests with flying colors.... even if I have to miss graduation.


Frustrated FSL Student

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

The past two weeks had my classmates arriving late or absent, without informing the others, so we start classes at around 10 already. It's geeky of me but that really gets me annoyed because I usually lack sleep but make sure to come on time so that we'd cover more lessons. Plus, this is FSL 2... I want to be tons better at signing and 'reading' signs now.

I also have a problem approaching Deaf students for I feel shy still... and have yet to meet my Deaf buddy. I have not logged any of the ten hours I need for the course.

Ooohhhh... I really want to be signing bad!

Good thing my son continues to respond to my signs and tolerates (and learns) my signing while storytelling. At least, two or so years from now, he will be effectively multi-lingual! haha.


Breast Cancer Info & Clinic for Deaf Women

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Since it is Women's Month, Deaf and hearing women are invited at the Trinity Lutheran Church (Edsa cor Timog, across GMA and beside the bus station) on March 27, 1:00 PM for a talk on breast cancer. Please reserve slots by texting 0927-528-8662 your name.

Those with deaf female relatives are especially encouraged to bring their kin to this important gathering so that they too can have access to crucial information on one of the leading causes of death in women.


Describing in Detail

>> Monday, February 15, 2010

FSL 2 is really proving to be a challenge. It's not as 'fun' as FSL 1 where you learn more signs to words because it's more about actually making signing functional. Last class was mostly focused on defending explanations and answering questions and learning to describe in detail.

It is a skill I have to work on, taking in more details and being more observant.

Oh, and I don't mean that I am not enjoying my classes. It's just really more challenging now and i find myself with the beginnings of a headache after each session from all the things I have to take in, and all the observing I really must do. I can't even take down notes.

But I have been practicing my fingerspelling.



>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fingerspelling is basically spelling the English alphabet using your fingers. The Deaf master this one really well and just like voice, fingerspelling by different people will have its nuances and differences. For a hearing person just mastering it, it can be quite a challenge 'reading' the spelling. Plus, sme can really spell fast!!!

I have a problem with A, S and T. I also have a problem with K and V. And I always confuse making D and F. Hehe.


Now, why is fingerspelling so important?

First, not many sign the same words the same way. FSL may be derived largely from ASL but it incorporated cultural gestures and local color into it. And there are deaf people who did not officially study FSL, some deaf people only know SEE, some only know gestural signs their family has made up for them. Here is where spelling helps. At least you can communicate the exact word you meant to use.

Secondly, even with the Deaf, there are occasions when people are much farther apart or they are preoccupied doing or carrying something. What if something you want to say requires both hands? You might just confuse the one you're conversing with. So just spell an abbreviation, for example, and easily direct or answer a person.

Now, it's also important to know how to fingerspell with BOTH hands. If you're right-handed and using your right hand to write, then you can still use your left hand to spell. Plus, for the Deaf, it is critical because they can injure one of their hands. Knowing how to fingerspell using both hands will at least not compromise their communication abilities.


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